NuVim® with whey protein, vitamins, micronutrients and minerals.


Tastes Great

Strengthens immune system

Supports cardiovascular health

Enhances athletic performance and muscle recovery

Contribution to a healthy cholesterol metabolism

Enhances mineral/vitamin/soy absorption especially calcium

Helps digestion consistency


No Fat, Caffeine, Lactose, Artificial Colors or Flavors,High Fructose Corn Syrup or Gluten


Only 10 calories per serving depending on the product.


3 Powder Mix Varieties - Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry - Packaged Individual Servings.


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What We Are...

Immune Enhancement

Muscle & Bone Health

Consistent Digestion

Low Sugar & Calories

Mineral & Vitamin Absorption

Anti-Oxidant Vitamin

100% Zinc

Whey Protein


What We Are Not...

No Lactose

No Caffeine

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

No Fat

No Cholesterol

No Artificial Colors or Flavors

No Gluten

No Sugar


NuVim® addresses a wide range of increasingly important consumer needs for the entire family.


Muscle flexibility
Tired/ run-down
Athletic training/muscle recovery
Chronic pain/illness
Weight control
Nutrient supplement


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“I like the taste of my cereal better when mom adds the NuVim® Chocolate, Vanilla or the Strawberry. I also like mom’s higher energy level since she is taking NuVim®”




"I drink NuVim® all the time" - Carter




"When I drink NuVim® before I go to school, I feel I want to learn more"


Boy 2


"I drink NuVim® before I play soccer to be able to run longer and faster"




"Sometimes I use NuVim® as the base for a smoothie. Just put NuVim® in a blender, add any fruit that's in the fridge and my whole family enjoys. The best nutritional treat I've come across." - Tonya