Richard P. Kundrat

  • Richard P. Kundrat

    Richard P. Kundrat is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NuVim, Inc. headquartered in Lewes Delaware.  NuVim is a beverage manufacturing, marketing and distribution company with roots in 30 years of biological clinical research and development.  NuVim products contain the exclusive ingredient NutraFlora backed by 200 studies proving the efficacy of this proprietary ingredient that helps build the human immune system and improves mineral absorption including calcium.  Nuvim also contains high levels of whey protein concentrate to help bone and muscle strength. The company is dedicated to developing and marketing beverage products to help people stay healthy and energetic as they grow through the stages of life. The Company owns a process patent for the manufacturing of the finished product.

    Rick’s brand building experience stems from 27 years of service with the Unilever Corporation from which he retired in 1996 as General Manager and Vice President. During his tenure at Unilever’s Lipton Company, he worked 17 different assignments across sales, sales promotion, advertising, product management, new product development and general management activities.  Rick is credited with engineering the Pepsi/Lipton Partnership that produces, distributes and markets Lipton tea in cans and bottles.  Starting from a zero base the Partnership grew to a 700 million dollar business in its second year and is currently over a $2 billion consumer business.   During the Unilever years he worked with some of the best brands in the beverage/food industry including Lipton, Sunkist, Good Humor, Wishbone, and competed against companies such as Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft, General Foods, and General Mills.

    After retiring from Unilever, Rick began his “second career” assisting many large and small companies with their branding, strategic planning and partnership issues.  He founded the business management firm of Kundrat Associates, Inc. in 1996.   Kundrat Associates worked with the Brooklyn Union Gas Company in their efforts to merge with the Long Island Lighting Company and to help develop stand alone non-regulated business units under the single brand strategy KeySpan Energy.  Kundrat Associates Inc. has worked with companies to launch new products, and assisted in enhancing the brand equity for dairies, engineering, entertainment, media planning, travel, state organizations, tool manufacturers, and beverage companies.  Kundrat Associates also worked closely with venture capitalists, promotion firms and creative agencies on both strategic and tactical projects.  He is also the founder of LEAP (Linking Employees and Performance) and The Single Advantage.  LEAP is a management process that links individual effort to collective achievement and ensures that all of the work performed in an organization serves the initiatives of the business plan.  The Single Advantage is a marketing company that focuses solely on assisting companies sell to the 80 million single adults.

    Rick has been a special consultant to the Chairman of KeySpan Energy, Board member of Healthcare Dialog as well as a former Board member of KeySpan Services, the International Food Service Manufactures Institute, Chairman of the International Tea Association and a Member of the Corporation at the Culinary Institute of America. He has lectured to the MBA students at many of the most prestigious universities in America such as Boston University and New York University.  Among the various marketing awards he holds are the Advertising Age Top 100 Marketers and Unilever's World Innovation Award.   Richard P. Kundrat is recognized as one of the premier experts in building brands, strategic planning and developing company alliances.  A University of Scranton graduate and First Lieutenant US Army, Viet Nam.

  • Richard P. Kundrat

    Stanley Moger

  • Stanley Moger

    President and CEO of SFM Entertainment, the number one advertiser oriented provider of television programming on a national basis.  Also co-founder of SFM Media which became the nations 2nd largest media buying company.  Stan has pioneered media vehicles for a variety of advertisers and has executive produced and distributed numerous television series, specials and mini series.  A few of his many properties include Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, The adventures of Rin Tin Tin, The Real McCoy’s, AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards, and The Flip Wilson Show.

  • Stanley Moger

    Doug Scott

  • Doug Scott

    As the President, CEO and Founder of Platinum Television Group and New Line Media Solutions, Doug Scott developed a strategic plan that has positioned both companies to play a leadership role in the nation. Under his direction, Platinum Television Group has grown to become the 3rd largest production company in South Florida. Since 1997, PTG Producers have helped companies all over the world gain exposure via regional, national and international broadcast television.  PTG produces magazine style shows, nationally televised specials and a variety of corporate communications.  Today, PTG employs more than 70 people and produces hundreds of hours of programming each month, reaching viewers throughout the world. With many projects currently in development, PTG is continuing in its success and building its reputation as one of Florida’s foremost independent production companies.  New Line Media Solutions has recently partnered with Frontier Airlines, the 2nd largest carrier at Denver International Airport, transporting over 1,000,000 passengers every month. Beginning in June 2006, NLMS’s programming will be seen on every Frontier Flight.  Platinum Television Group and New Line Media Solutions are both independent media production companies specializing in educational programming.

    Doug has long been intrigued with the nexus of media, television, communication and the Internet. Since founding Platinum Television in 1997, Doug has played an integral role in the transformation of educational programming into the next great mass medium. PTG has continued to bring a wide range of products, services and causes to market. With the combination of talented writers, producers and editors, PTG is at the forefront of the television advertising revolution.

    Doug has over 15 years of experience in mass media. Prior to founding Platinum Television Group, he worked for Intermedia Marketing Solutions, Inc. for 3 years while serving as Vice President of Marketing and the Senior Vice President of New Media Development.

    Doug has served on several non-profit committees and is particularly involved in supporting single mothers here in South Florida. Presently, he is heavily involved in His Caring Place and 4 Kids.   Having grown up in South Florida, Doug and his wife chose Parkland as the community to purchase their first home and start a family. Now long-term residents with four children, they couldn’t think of a better place to call home. Doug’s involvement with children earned him an appointment as a board member for Little League of America’s Parkland Florida branch where he continues to coach today. Doug and his family are active in charities, youth sports and at their church.

    Doug holds a bachelors degree from St. Leo College in St. Leo, Florida, with a double major in Business Administration and Finance.  He graduated in 1989.

  • Doug Scott

    Peter DeCrescenzo

  • Peter DeCrescenzo

    President, CEO and Chairman of The Dial log Group. Mr. DeCrescenzo was founding
    partner of PVD and Partners, Inc a healthcare marketing and communications agency.
    Previously, he was Senior Vice President and partner at MD Direct, specializing in DTC
    and DTP marketing. He has held senior positions at Sterling Drug, American Home
    Products Corporation and Director of Marketing for Ayerst Laboratories and
    Sandoz/Navartis Pharmaceuticals. He has over 25 years experience in the healthcare

  • Peter DeCrescenzo

    Calvin Hodock

  • Calvin Hodock

    Calvin L. Hodock is the former Chairman of the Board of the American Marketing Association, the world’s largest professional marketing society. He created the prestigious AMA Edison Awards presented annually for innovation excellence. During a twelve-year period, he reviewed Edison submissions for over five thousand new product and services from America’s elite corporations. Some of this material, not available in the public domain, is used in his new book Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things.

    Hodock’s involvement with the Edison awards resulted in appearances on CBS Evening News, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg, numerous radio stations in local markets, and print media, including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, San Jose Mercury, Brandweek, Advertising Age, and Promo Magazine.

    Hodock is a nationally recognized authority on marketing and product innovation. His marketing credentials were earned at the Gillette Company, Bayer, and Johnson & Johnson in senior management positions. He was also a partner at Comart KLP, one of the country’s largest marketing service agencies at the time.

    In his area of expertise, Hodock has contributed articles to national publications such as Marketing News, Sales & Marketing Management, Journal of Advertising Research, Marketing Research Magazine, Promo Magazine and Management Forum. He has contributed essays and chapters for five published books. Numerous universities and professional organizations throughout the country have heard his thought-provoking lectures and presentations on marketing and product innovation strategies.

    Hodock currently teaches marketing courses at New York University and Berkeley College. He consults with blue chip corporations on how to revitalize their innovation process.  He also is on the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association Foundation and Nuvim Inc.— a start up company marketing a line of milk-based healthy beverages.

  • Calvin Hodock


    Nuvim® is a publicly traded company that produces, distributes and markets beverage products, based on clinically proven health benefits.


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    Nuvim® contains a high level of whey protein concentrate which has been demonstrated to help muscle flexibility, sturdy joints and athletic performance. Nuvim® also contains 100% of vitamins C, E, B12, zinc, 60% vitamin A, 6% complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. Nuvim® has only 10 calories per 8 ounce serving and with the immune enhancement and bone health, could be considered "The Best Thing You Can Drink". After drinking Nuvim® for 30 days, Nuvim® guarantees you will Feel The Difference.

    Nuvim® addresses a wide range of consumer needs including joint pain, muscle flexibility, tired/run down, wellness, athletic training/muscle recovery. Product supported by 35 years clinical research, $50 million invested in R&D, 200 scientific publications and 50 human studies.